Day 194: I'm Your Gerbil!...No, I mean Your Guinea Pig

On Day 194, I was the first person to take a new class at a yoga studio.

I know, I know, you're probably horribly bored of me talking about these yoga studio adventures, but it's what I'm consumed with right now. Ya heard?

I walked into the studio to meet Allen, the teacher, and instead of saying, "I can't wait to be your first guinea pig for Yoga Groove!" I said, "I'm your first gerbil!"




It ended up being just two of us in the class (building a following ain't always easy!) but it went well. Yoga Groove was supposed to be a sweaty, heart-pumping class, set to upbeat music, but ended up being kind of a more standard, slow, not-too-dynamic practice. I should say that the other woman had gotten a little hamstring strain in the middle of class, so that might have been his adjusting for the people, but I didn't get the feel that he was really a hugely flow-y guy anyway.

No pressure, we're all just different.

In any case, the most memorable part of the whole thing was that I called myself a gerbil...

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