Day 180: Juice Cleanse, Day One

Day 180 was the first day of my juice cleanse, and I'm really disappointed by the results. Mostly because I think it's going TOO well. I was hoping for drama, pain, suffering, failure, and all the other things that make blog posts great.

I thought the hardest part would be not eating breakfast on the first day. I'm a big advocate of eating breakfast, and I tend not to function very well without it, but surprisingly, after 8 ounces of juice for, I actually wasn't very hungry. I also wasn't horribly tempted to get any Cheerios or toast to supplement my juice either.

I figured the hunger, headache and bitchiness would set in around 11:00 AM while at work, but truthfully, it didn't.

I brought a huge Big-Gulp-sized plastic cup to work, full of my juice, pretty sure I would drink all of it before lunch and be caught crouched in a corner eating the whole two-pound bag of pretzels, covered in saliva and crumbs. But, since the juice is really sour, I didn't drink it that quickly, meaning there was a lot of it there whenever I started to feel hungry. Then, I would take a sip of the juice, which filled me up and kind of killed my appetite.

Frankly, I was almost hoping that this would be harder than it is! I'm really not having any problems, except for the fact that I want to chew something. And that's even easily remedied by gum!

...I wonder if I just killed my metabolism for a day?

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  1. can you use a carton of orange juice?