Day 90: I'm Not Clever with Titles, So I'm Going to Call this "Wordpress"

The instruction guide was like, "You click once, and we read your mind and create the best, balling-est website you've ever seen!" I was sucked in pretty instantly, believing that it really would be one click and I'd have an amazing website on which to start my entrepreneurial adventure.

However, hundreds of thousands of clicks later between a website host that promised no support and a non-working Wordpress document, I was crying and pretty close to dropping my computer over my balcony. Seriously.

One click, my ass.

After realizing that I had irrevocably destroyed everything I sought to create, I scrapped it all, ate more of the cost of the host than I should have considering it said "Free two week trial!" and started all over on a different website. On Day 90, and only a couple clicks later, I figured our how to host and use Wordpress all by myself! I haven't started adding content yet, but I'm really, really super stoked about winning the war.

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