Day 99: Getting Carded and Other Rites of Passage

Ha haa, I took the dates off of my posts so you don't see how late they are :) New Year's ressie? Get back in the habit of writing daily.

Okay, for Day 99, and this may be a cop-out, I received Christmas cards in the mail, addressed to me, from my married friends. I am now on Christmas card mailing lists, and it goes up there with the other holiday rites of passage that this blog tends to cover, like taking a dish to Thanksgiving, and getting my own Christmas tree, as well as splitting the holiday between two families.

The holidays bring out a certain distinction from childhood to adulthood, and I'm moving ever more rapidly into the adult category. I know this is all okay and good, but I'd like this to slow down a little. Most days I still feel 18, and like I'm playing grown up. I still think, "YEAH, I bought my OWN Christmas presents this year...BOOYAH family--I didn't have to use your money."

One day, I'll grow up in my brain to my age now.

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