Day 103: Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch

Long ago, when early humans would come across a beehive, it was as if they found a the last and sacred box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the world. The calories and sugar in honeycomb are astronomical, and were a once-in-a-decade treat that could enable people to store up fats and sugars rapidly.

Honeycomb was one of the earliest human treats, and just happened to be a component in one of my Christmas presents. It should come as no surprise, that the day following Christmas, I would dig in. And how.

Honeycomb is edible and especially delicious. With a name like "honeycomb" I expected it to be almost crunchy. Comb is a hard-sounding word, and I've found that anything that stays in a sugary substance crystallizes. Of course, honeycomb is made out of none other than beeswax, making it a soft, sweet, pleasantly chewy and decadent treat

And, fun fact, eating local honey, made from the bees and flowers that populate your region triggers an immunity of sorts to seasonal allergies.

It all triggers my early human instincts...and I recommend it for all.

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