Day 89: Blaisin'

For a variety of reasons, that aren't really reasons at all, I was depressed on Day 89. My tried-and-true solution to these depressed moments is chocolate. In any form.

Mark, in his infinite wisdom, said that we should go to Flip Burger Boutique and get one of their awesome Nutella and burnt marshmallow milkshakes. We had been there before on Day 11, when I first sampled one of their nitrogen-blasted ice creamy concoctions.

We went in and right after we ordered, who walked in the door but the restaurant owner, Top Chef contestant, current stand out in Top Chef All-Stars, and generally amazing culinary artist--Mr. Richard Blais himself!

I summoned him over and asked to shake his hand. I told him we were fans of the show and repeat patrons to his molecular gastronomical burger bar. He was, despite looking busy, very willing to chat.

This represents the second Top Chef contestant I've met, the other being Kevin Gillespie; and second Bravo star I've met this week, the other being Korto Momulo from Project Runway. I must be a reality TV star magnet. A very small claim to fame, but I'm still excited by it.

Fortunately, I didn't have any time to prepare for our meeting, like I did when meeting Korto. Thus, I didn't have time to psych myself up with things I should and shouldn't say. This made my conversation with Blais extremely easy, but it also made me really scared to ask for a picture. He passed by me a couple of times, but I didn't pull the trigger. Major regret now. There's no use in being 'too cool' for a picture with a minor celebrity.

Believe it though. I met him, and he was awsome, but my Nutella milkshake was better. :)


  1. I randomly sat next to Constantine from American Idol (Season 4) this weekend out in Columbus. An even smaller claim to fame.

  2. HA! I take what I can get :) I'm an avid fan of Top Chef, so I think it's pretty cool. I've never even seen American Idol, is that bad?

  3. I used to be a fan of American Idol, but you aren't missing out on much nowadays. Ive never seen Top Chef, is that bad?

  4. Yes, Top Chef is AMAZING. The best reality elimination show on Bravo, maybe ever.