Day 92: I is smart

FAMILY! Stop reading now. I'm serious.

LOOK! Here's something wholesome about how I love Christmas trees! And this is something really sweet about me helping the troops! And me writing poetry!

Now that they important people who care about my brain cells gone, I am doing a little more BUI, because I am on vacation! And because my readership is down and you guys like when I BUI. And I do too, YAY tequila.

For today, I'm taking a mensa test under the influence. I was going to take the mensa test, the test to determine whether you are in the top 1% of intelligence in the world, when I was sober, but I'm scared that I'm not going to score very well, so I can justify everything based on the fact that I'm drinking. And it's just funny, I think. Oh god, I hope you think it's funny too.'s how it went:

Seriously? I'm pretty sure I'm as illogical as they come
SERIOUSLY??? I got this question wrong, I'm sure I'll never know why. But I still want to jump off a cliff for being defeated by this monstrosity of a put-down to my brainpower
THIS IS AN SAT QUESTION! I have answered things like this is when I wish I hadn't had tequila. I could totally answer this in real life.

Okay, ultimate insult. I know this sequence. This is the demotion to the worst possible scenario of intelligence.

Thats right, I said "Uno." Suck on that Mensa.

*while making sign language motions* CAN...YOU...SAY...YOUR...ALPHABET?????
There's no final scorecard, but there was a review of questions. Ultimately. I fail. I am not a genius. I'm at just over 50%.

Whatever. It's the tequila.


  1. I think everyone knows its just the tequila. You could be the freaking president or grand poobah or whatever of Mensa!

  2. I would have said the same thing on the flower question. How is that wrong???

  3. Tori you're slaughtering my smart little heart :) But you, my dear, will always be a rank above me.

    And THANK YOU KATIE. I don't know what their problem answer was right.

  4. By the way, I found out this weekend that my mom reads and loves your blog.

    Hi Mom!

  5. These questions hurt my brain!!! Leah enjoy reading your blog. You are a fascinating person.

  6. So glad you like the blog Ms. Kinsley. Share it with your friends :) :) :)