On this very, very monumental day, Atlanta and I experienced a White Christmas. Last recorded WC in Atlanta? 1882.

This may never happen again in my lifetime.

The snow was deliciously magical in that it lifted me out of a Grinchy why-on-earth-do-we-do-this-every-year kind of mood. It's often hard for me to see past some of the strange Christmas traditions: like placing babies on the laps of strange men at malls who wear red jumpsuits, and illuminating trees that we put into our houses and forcing ourselves to think of gifts for people for which we would otherwise never buy anything.

The snow reignited a tiny light in me--that something as simple as snow can create a sense of warmth inside a home and that nature can decorate our world in white purity when it is so inclined. This tiny light combined with a table full of people who care about each other and a few gifts that bring a genuine smile, I felt a bit of hope that we're not completely lost in a materialistic, complacent and otherwise derelict world.

On the contrary, I felt content.

Merry Christmas to all.

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