Day 87: Hard Rock Holidays/Finding my Religion

Hey readers! Question: Have I really done this for 87 days now? Dang. And you people keep reading? I'm a lucky duck :)


On Day 87, I had the pleasure of attending a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. This heavy metal group specializes in power chord Christmas music and rock operas, and has been touring for almost two decades now. They're most famous for their rock version of Carol of the Bells.

This video will give you an idea of the concert and probably the most amped-up Christmas song ever.

These titans of Christmas belt out classic and original jams, swinging their long hair, inserting 80's metal power chords at every possible turn, backed up by scantily-clad singing ladies. It's truly something to behold. You can't appreciate Christmas music until you hear the words "baby Jesus" sung throughout a drum solo with the passion of Bon Jovi in "Wanted, Dead or Alive." Believe it.

It's delightfully, blissfully cheesy, and I can't get enough. Honestly. A tip of the hat and a standing ovation to the men and women who incorporate a legitimate orchestra with a V-shaped guitar, the guys who can still get away with shaking long hair to a non-traditional Christmas narrative, and the only people I ever want to see say "Merry, Merry Christmas" complete with pyrotechnics and lasers.

While venturing through this production, I found myself thinking increasingly of the Christmas story and all, thinking that maybe, in this arena, I found my Christians. The kind of people who enjoy the slight buzz of a Yuengling with their Christams jams. Those unafraid to bring their kids to this "family friendly" but indubitably entertaining show. Those who enjoy an, um, artistic interpretation of the holidays.

I'll keep thinking on that. But as for TSO, rock on my friends, rock on.


  1. I have a friend who is touring with them this season. He's so much cooler than I am. As are you for actually going to the show. =)

  2. That officially makes him awesome. I wish I were a musician!