Day 104: Flakiness and What I Really Did

Hey friends. I come to you ever so slightly ashamed, but full of excuses that I hope you'll buy.

Okay, when I said that I would do anything that you asked me to, I didn't realize that "Eat Poop" would be a contender on the list (Kaylee Niemasik). My error for not thinking that people would play so ruthlessly with my health. I also didn't think about how much preparation these might include...such as break dancing in a public place, doing stand-up in a public place, and giving a hobo a makeover.

Now, that's a lot of great stuff right there, but I also have a day job (much to my chagrin) and couldn't achieve all of these things after my 9-5.

So, I'm going to do all of them (except eating poop), PROMISE, but I'm going to wait until I have a day off of work so that I can dedicate myself to learning a couple of breakdancing steps, YouTubing some jokes, and researching where the safe hobos live. I would LOVE accomplices for any and all of these. *hint, hint*

However, I think I have an even better New Thing than all of you could come up, I scraped the ice off of my windshield by cracking the ice with kitchen knives and scraping it off with a stainless steel spatula.


  1. Most meat we eat has traces of fecal matter (especially fowl)...sooooo have a chicken sandwich and Kaylee's great idea will have been the easiest.

  2. HAHA! That's a fan-freaking-tastic work around there :)