Day 86: Free Mail ***UPDATE***

At the wonderful suggestion of my girlfriend Laura in response to my how to remove a postage stamp post, today I tried to send free mail by putting the address I want to send things to to in the return address location and putting my address in the send-to location--and not putting a stamp on it.

Geez, two times trying to "cheat" the postal service. It's cheap fun, please don't hate me!

I sent the mail to a couple strategic people...let me know if you get this letter :)
Sorry if it's hard to read. It says "Once you receive this note, you must comment on my blog ASAP" Because...
On Day 90, I received a mail from Laura Morena to me. It was the little note above. If it weren't for the fact that the envelope has particularly private information on it, I would have put a picture up for you to see that it was, in fact, mailed for free...only not to the person I wanted it to be mailed to!

I put this particular letter in the mailbox outside of my Roswell office, so there's no way that the mailman just picked the mail out of my apartment complex's mailbox and returned it to me. That and it had a barcode on the bottom.

Now to see if I can send Laura mail without putting a stamp on it, and putting the correct To's and From's!


  1. We accidentally sent 3 of our wedding invitations this way. I had meant to hand them to some classmates of mine with the ever clever address of "third seat from the left," or wherever they always sat. Instead, we shipped them, with no stamps, straight down to the return address in McDonough. All three made it safe and sound, though with many things stamped on them.

    To this day, I'm still expecting the FBI to kick down our door and arrest for defrauding the Postal Service.

  2. STOP IT! That's amazing. I hope my trick works too!!