Turning Japanese

The beauty and curse of working in a boutique business advisory and marketing firm is that work is feast or famine. When I was hired in January, I was put on a huge research project where I could come in two hours early and leave two hours late and still have work to do the next day. Now, work for me is in famine mode (since I do not have my own clients), meaning most days I have only a couple hours of tasks to do. To occupy my time, I did my 'something new' today at work, and kind of felt devious/cool doing so.

Today, I crafted an origami crane using printer paper and an online "how-to" guide. These little buggers are all over Japan, and apparently if you make 1,000 of them, all of your wishes will come true. Well, I'm one in, so if the work stays slow, I'll get to work on 999 more!
I'm stupidly proud of this little guy...

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