I'm not participating in the next World Cup

In an attempt to be a cool girlfriend, today I learned how to play FIFA 2008 for XBOX. After playing a few warm up rounds with Ronaldinho in the opening screen, I found myself scoring multiple shots against my goalie. My significant other, Mark, taught me how to move, run, do tricks, pass and shoot the ball. "I've got this," I said to myself, "surely this isn't so hard after all." Then I mentioned to myself, "nine year old boys have to learn how to play this, a 23 year old lady can surely figure this out enough to hold her own in real game play." Um, wrong. In a night game held in the Real Madrid stadium, C.D. Tenerife beat Real Madrid 6-0.

This was the scene:

 This was my response:

BOOO! :(
UPDATE: Last night after this, Mark and I played a little more and taught me some strategy. He played the first half, scored two goals, I played the second half where the other team scored two goals, and at the end, during a shootout, I won the game. Sweet success!!!

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