One of the selling points of renting the apartment I currently live in was that there was a big-ol-freakin' garden tub in the bathroom. I imagined long luxurious bubble baths on lazy Sunday afternoons, or late on Saturdays when I had no other plans, sipping champagne. After five months of living here, I finally fulfilled that fantasy. To complement my bath, I used a bath bomb from Lush Cosmetics. I opted for the "Space Girl" because it was lavendar colored and had gold glitter on it...and I am quite the girly-girl.

Aside from my expectation of more fizziness and "bomb"-ing upon dropping it into the tub, it was a really theraputic, lovely-smelling, yet enlivening bath. My skin feels super smooth and soft and still smells good 30 minutes later.

A truly lovely "something new" today.

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