Tiffany's, Need I Say More?

I have recently gone back and forth about this project, wondering if I can possibly explain my intention to people and actually do something new every day for a year. When my birthday came yesterday, however, I was never more sure that I would do this, mostly as a reason to brag, that my boyfriend gave me a little blue Tiffany's box!!

As any lady will tell you, the distinctive robin's egg Tiffany box is often equally as thrilling as its contents, perhaps a remnant of the childhood trend of playing with more packaging than toys at Christmas. After my thrill of simply setting eyes the box, I opened it up to find one of the Tiffany Key pendants that I have had my eye on for at least a year now. So unique and elegant. Not only was it my first piece of Tiffany's, but it contains the first diamond a gentleman suitor has ever bought me. 

Happy Birthday to me!

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