Imagine this scenario: I am pulled over by a cop late one night who assumes I’ve been drinking. He asks me to get out of the car and perform a field sobriety test. He asks me to walk the straight line. I fall out of line because I never learned how to walk so awkwardly and I’m on edge because of the flashing lights and interrogation. Next, he asks me to say the alphabet backwards. Before today, I would have failed, being promptly administered a breathalyzer or worse, toted off to the clink! Today, however, I learned how to say the alphabet backwards so that this situation will never befall me. Oh, and it’s a pretty cool party trick (if you have parties with little kids).

Just as an aside, learning how to make this video was a pretty cool accomplishment too. And I signed up for YouTube. Now I can post more and better videos as I continue to do something new every day!

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