In Honor of the Jersey Shore, Season 2

In honor of the Jersey Shore, a show I watch religiously but love to pretend I am too classy for, I Jersey Shore-d myself. There's an MTV "Arcade Game" that allows you to create a culturally-accurate* avatar, so I tried my best to make this something that might actually look a little like me if I frequented the Jersey Shore.

Despite my wanting to have the nickname L-Bomb (a name from my kickball league's theme week), the application graced me with the title "Princess Montclair."  Not very Jersey Shore-like, but hey, it's what MTV says I should be, and that's what I'll go with, because I trust the application knows what's culturally-accurate* for the Jersey Shore.

My favorite element is the sideways stumble.

*defined as overtly stereotyped and hyper-sexual

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