Feeling Silly

My "something new" practically fell into my lap today when my co-worker walked into our office with her daughter. Her daughter K and I get along remarkably well, I think mostly owing to the fact that we are only children, and, truthfully, that I get along with just about every kid under the age of 10. 

When she walked in the door, she asked me what my favorite color was, to which I promptly replied purple. Out of a little yellow pouch she produced a purple terrier-shaped rubber band and told me it was all mine--my very first Silly Band.

I was simply dazzled and thoroughly amused by what followed, she drew out of the pouch a wide array of outlines of creatures, shapes, and words. She had dogs, zoo creatures, a unicorn, an outline of Woody from Toy Story, the words "Peace" and "Fun," a basketball player, a clarinet, and on and on. Oh, and those little things aren't limited to bracelets: they come in rings and necklaces too!! It was like Mary Poppins' Magic Silly Bandz Bag.

So, of course, as any novice to this novelty would do, I donned her entire collection of SillyBandz.

Please ignore the fact that I was talking during this whole picture-taking exercise
Sadly, after the little one left, my purple terrier broke and I was left Silly-Band-less. It's really too bad--I had a shirt that would've matched.

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