Day 206: I Am Not a "Dog Person"

As I've said before, having a new puppy makes doing New Things really easy. If anything, Mago is GREAT for blogging. On Day 206, we took our first venture to the dog park! We had to wait until Mago had all of his shots before he was exposed to unknown puppies, so that was why we held out for as long as we did. 

Dog parks exist for the same reasons as playgrounds--let the little things run around for a couple of hours, and ensure a relaxed remainder of the day. Dog parks are great because they're fenced-in areas where you can let your dog off the leash, sit back, and allow him to have fun without the burden of throwing increasingly-slobbery toys around. And the dogs have a blast. I can't imagine what it would be like if dogs owned me and then allowed me to go run around with people. It would make me pretty excited, too.

In short, Mago was thrilled to get to know the other puppies, and even made a girlfriend, Kelly, a golden retriever mix puppy. Mago was initiated to the big dogs by being pestered a little, but when he met a puppy his own age and size, they chased each other, played, rolled around in dirt and just looked like they were having a blast. 

Like I said, it must be cool to meet someone your own species every now and then :)

I also realized here that I'm not a dog person's dog person. Like, some of the people here were like "my dog and I have worked on a more subtle temperament than other border collies, and he's really such a fan of Blue Buffalo food, the Purina was too abrasive on his digestive tract, you have to be careful about that ingredient normatryxiloxilide, I mean, dogs change if that's in their food. Oh, and we got him into the BEST puppy school early on, so that's why he is just better than the other dogs."

Those people are exhausting. I just think Mago is the cutest puppy ever and I enjoy when he gets to interact with other puppies.

I had intended to take pictures of him at the dog park, but that didn't work out. But this is what he looks like now! Growing up so fast :)

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