Day 210: Proud to Be an American (Idol)

Day 210 led me to watch my first ever episode of American Idol.

I know, you think I'm a communist. How could I live in this country and not have seen American Idol?? I dunno. I keep my eyes glued to the computer screen, I guess ;)

Okay, well I came in at 9:00 PM EST, not 8:00 PM EST, meaning I missed an hour of it. So I didn't really watch a full episode. But the three contestants I saw were actually pretty good, I guess. Something about coming into the show in the middle probably wasn't the best idea. I haven't followed their "stories" and I don't have any history of their successes and failures, or if this was a "normal" week for them.

Truthfully, of the clips and songs I saw were pretty good, and the contestants were really talented, but none of those people struck me as having tremendous star power.

We'll see...

I did, however, really like Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson as judges. I think they represent all facets of the music industry and have a ton of experiential knowledge on what  although I miss all of Paula Abdul's horrendously funny "comments" that were replayed on radio stations and TV news networks.

Thoughts?? Are the contestants actually really good and I just don't know about it? Am I a communist?

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