Day 201: Making Up...

I've talked plenty before on this blog about how I'm not a very high-maintenance gal when it comes to outward appearances. I don't normally wear make up, I don't tan, and before this blog, I had never worn fake nails or colored my hair.

I guess I'm just pretty comfortable with my natural looks. I like my hair color a lot (the natural one), my skin is pretty clear and even, my eyelashes are naturally long, and I'm pretty freaking lazy in the morning.

Washing my face, toning, moisturizing, powdering, blushing, putting on eyeliner, mascara, yadda yadda yadda always seems like such a burden on my morning routine. And for that matter, my night-time routine, too! Taking all of that off, washing my face, moisturizing again, etc. etc. is just a hassle in my mind (although, flossing, brushing and rinsing are always in my nighttime routine and I make the time for that...).

But recently, I think it was when I went to Canoe with Mark, I put on make-up for the occasion and felt really good about myself.

This was a welcome change to my current state of mind. I've been struggling with feeling good about myself recently--hating all of my over-worn clothes, jewelery that's been put with every outfit, hair that's getting ratty at the ends, not loving my job or feeling successful in my other projects. It's all taken a toll on my self-confidence. It's not serving me approach my relationships or career with a sort of "blah" attitude about my own ability to make good things happen--as a result of not wanting people to look at me.

But even with an old dress, going out to dinner with make-up and high heels on made me feel pretty again. I glanced in the mirror at one point and thought "so THIS is how I can look!"

Thus, for Day 200, I resolved to wear make up on every week day for at least a month. It's part of a continual self-improvement stance on life. I should always be looking for ways to improve my health, happiness, career, family relationships, friendships, and so on. Without it, I'll be a 45 year-old with the same opinions on life that  I had at 20. This is one step in moving me forward a little. I think it's for the better--even if I do require a little more maintenance.

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