Day 198: A Monster as Big as My Head!!

A while back, my boss went to Cosco and picked up everything drink-able that was under 50 cents. We had a lot of clients coming in and he wanted to be prepared. This batch of goodies included everything from Frappuccino knock-offs, to juice boxes, to energy drinks, to water and anything in between. 

One such purchase was this gem---a Monster energy drink that was quite literally, the size of my head

It's contents were about two pounds of kryptonite-colored, fizzy, appl-y concoction that, frankly, sucked. Upon first sip, I felt my teeth screaming in mortal pain as if they knew they would be soon rotting out of my head. I also felt the familiar surge of fear wash over me, knowing that if I consumed even half of this that I'd be up all night, jittering like a crack addict going through withdrawal, either working on various websites or Facebooking all 762 of my "friends" in alphabetical order.

If I were to have consumed all of it, I would have felt the debilitating "caffeine cold." I don't know if you have this, but if I drink too much caffeine, I get really cold but also sweaty. It makes my muscles feel loose while simultaneously making my brain cataclysmically active. I am very annoying in this state.

But I only took a few sips and, unable to fit the container in my car's cup-holder, I threw it out.

And I still felt the rush...


  1. And to think, I used to drink these when I worked at Arby's in High School. I know exactly what you mean. yuck xP

  2. You are a beast...ho-lee, mo-lee!