Day 213: Heaven is a Farmer's Market

Sooo, I'm an old lady. On Day 213, I went to the Sandy Springs Farmer's Market. Now, I've been to quite a few farmer's markets before, here and abroad, but this one was unique because it was HEAVEN. You know how James Lipton on The Actor's Studio will say "If heaven exists, what do you want God to say to you at the pearly gates?" or something like that.


Things I love about the farmer's market:
  • Free food at every stand. 
  • Delicious food at every stand
  • The best freaking cheeses you've ever tasted
  • The most delicious home-baked goods ever produced
  • Customized orders (we're getting a custom herb garden!) 
  • REEALL local stuff
  • Every food taste that you normally love, only exponentially better
  • Talking to the people who made the food they sell
 No seriously. I could spend hours sampling goodies, talking to farmers and artisans, discussing the weather and the direction of the wind, smiling at every person you walk by, spending outrageous amounts of money on stuff you'd otherwise pass over as a "treat." I mean really. That place would be fun if you never laid a cent down.

It. Was. Perfect.

So what if I'm an old woman?! I'm an old woman who knows the finer things in life--like mexican chocolate greek yogurt, sweet potato pasta, free range eggs, a perfect crusty french baguette, fresh herbs, and sunshine.

Long live the Farmer's market.

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