Day 221: Coaching Clientele

I didn't look anything like this, really...
So I guess things have been ramping up around the ranch--my eagerness to find ways to make money without a 9-5 job is pretty ferocious these days. I'd also like to say that I've become accustomed to a certain way of living and that I'd also like to make as much as I'm making now (if not more) like, tomorrow.

Okay, so, on Day 219, I prepared for my first client meeting, where I have started just a teeny-tiny side project of teaching yoga teachers how to market their services to find private clients. I'd give you all the secret sauce, but who knows if you're going to steal my idea. I'd kill you. Yogically, but effectively.

And on Day 221, I finally met with my first client who I coached to help her market her yoga practice to families of kids with learning disabilities. She, in turn, is helping give me direction for a workshop I'm doing with a LOT of people, starting a couple of months from now.

It's really pretty cool, and may be a way to give me a little cushion to make Atlanta Yoga Scene into a national phenomenon. Not that it will ever make me rich, but it was a lot of fun, and a little thing I think could be really helpful to yoga teachers, who for the most part, bless their hearts, know everything there is to know about yoga and hardly anything about business.

Want my secret sauce for marketing your yoga teaching? Call me...then tell all of your friends...and your yoga teachers...and anyone who you ever come across who says the word 'yoga.'


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