Day 199: Getting that Brazillian Booty!

Tim Ferriss, lifestyle designer extraordinaire, writer of the 4-Hour Workweek and the 4-Hour Body once said about Kettlebells were the secret to a Brazillain booty. Okay, so I may be paraphrasing.

Ferriss has a whole philosophy about doing things that return the biggest value in the shortest amount of time (indicated also in the titles of his books). Ferriss's body slimming, weight work-out of choice? Kettlebells. With only 25-30 minutes of properly executed swinging and moving (surprisingly technical exercises) you can tone and slim your arms, back, abs, legs, hips and, obviously, your booty.

It just so happened that one of the yoga studios I'm visiting on my jaunt invited me to come to their Kettlebells class, and I was happy to oblige.

The class ended up with just me and one other woman, who had clearly done this Kettlebell thing before. I learned the "Get Up" which is pretty much a full-body dance with the Kettlebell, from lying down in the fetal position to standing up. It sounds pretty easy and looks pretty easy, but remembering exactly where your knee goes in line with your wrist and what angles to hold the bell at while you're doing it is pretty challenging. Apparently I caught on pretty well (according to my jacked Fabio-esque teacher), but I was moving pretty slow and not feeling very much.

Then we went on to do the traditional kettlebell swings. Basically you just stand with your feet wide, squat down, pick up the bell, swing it about the height of your neck and swing it back between your legs. And you keep swinging. I wasn't feeling very much...until I stood up from this squat. There I realized that this thing wasn't all about the arms or shoulders, but that I had just gotten a tremendous workout in my inner thighs that I have never ever gotten before.

I can definitely say that I looooved the kettlebell workouts, and if they work as effectively as people say the do, and if I could learn how to actually do a whole workout in 20 minutes, I'd surely get a set myself and start swinging!

Has anyone else here ever tried kettlebell exercises?

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