Day 224: My Apocalypse Survival Kit

Simply put, the National Weather Service had me convinced that a tornado was imminent on the night of Day 224, and in order to prepare, Mark and I created a survival kit.

  1. A knife, duh
  2. A candle, although we forgot the matches
  3. Mago's leash
  4. Blanton's bourbon
  5. Band aids
  6. Chocolate Easter bunnies (2)
  7. A half-loaf of bread
  8. Zyrtec (it's allergy season after all!)
  9. A bubba keg of water (that should keep us until we find another water source)
  10. Febreeze (you never know what will stink post-apocalypse)
  11. A trash bag
  12. My iPhone
 Oh...and the most important thing...The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Wait no! This is the most important thing!! (Should I just re-name this blog "Pictures of my dog?")


  1. Good survival kit or best survival kit? I'm gonna go with best. You guys should market these. I'd totally buy one. =P

  2. :D Glad you agree on what's important in life. I'm starting to think we should market these!

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