Day 212: More On Buddhism...

Day 212 was supposed to be another automatic New Thing day as my friends Rian and Paul were in town for a nuclear engineering conference and down to hang out. Rian is a huge New Thing blog supporter, and full of awesome ideas, so I was planning on defaulting to whatever he suggested, and/or counting "went out in Atlanta with nuclear engineers" as my New Thing.

Sadly, tornadoes entered the picture. We had some crazy storms and winds, threats of tornadoes, lightning, hail, ya know...not real "going out" weather.

So, Mark and I ended up reading out on our patio. There, I dove into "Living Buddha, Living Christ" which is, quite astonishingly, hard on Christians and, um, SUPER DUPER liberal with the interpretation of the Bible. I'm not offended but I am surprised. I'm all about a little interpretation, but Thich Naht Hahn was drawing conclusion that were so out of left field, that I would even be weirded out if I hadn't been raised in a Christian home.

I'd really love to give you an example only I'm at work (oops) and don't have the book with me.

It's really favorable of Buddhism though, and I'm digging the philosphy. It's even like "Don't even count on the concept of Buddhism to draw you to Buddhism, just think of doing everything mindfully and with presence of mind...only don't be attached to that either."

It's so trippy. I love it.

But I'm curious how Jesus would react.

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