Day 218: My Days are like Snowflakes...

For my highly-loyal blog followers (I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY, YOU MAKE MY WORLD GO AROUND!!), you know that I'm viciously behind on blogging. I've been consumed in other things recently, some of which I will reveal at a later date, some of which are just life things and trying not to die of overwhelm.

All I want is your eyes to read this bull-honkey I write out, hoping that maybe I'm inspiring you to try some New Thing for yourself, or just to see the little things as a beautiful affirmation of the non-monotony of existing another day of your life.

But sometimes I'm not very good at documenting this. And Day 218 was one of those days.

I can remember the day rather vividly, I think. I went to work as normal. Afterward, I had planned on going to a yoga studio in midtown, but ended up going to the Open Mind Center in Roswell. There, I used my Passport to Prana to take class. Those were both new.

Then, I came home at about the same time that Mark was getting home from puppy training with Mago. At that point, I made Mark sweet potato pasta with a cream sauce, which was the first time I've ever cooked or eaten sweet potato pasta from the Farmers Market and the first cream sauce I've ever liked, which may be a notable first. I also took a picture of this, but am out of town and can't upload it.

Some time after that, I learned how to make a survey on Survey Monkey, preparing for a SUPER COOL blog post that I'm writing on the Atlanta Yoga Scene site called New School Yogis vs. Old School Yogis, Part I. Those are two firsts--using Survey Monkey and writing the preface to the most awesome blog post EVER.

But I don't think that's what I wanted to count.

I got new toothpaste and body wash, but that wasn't it either.

Confession: I don't know what my New Thing was.


You probably hate me and think I've done nothing but lower your expectations about me and my ability to do awesome New Things. I understand.

However, this is a pretty good representation of the fact that I, no matter how "mundane" the day may be, I really, truly, honestly, am always always always doing New Things. Even when they're not exciting. I'm learning something, trying something, and sharing some part of myself that I've never done.

Every day is like a snowflake for me--and that makes me infinitely happy! So what if it's not blog fodder :)


  1. :D It might have been ever-so-slightly inspired by a Facebook message I got!!