Day 223: Naked

On Day 223, I was in business meetings all day and then flew back to Atlanta...and then drove in traffic home...and cooked dinner...and pretty much went to bed after that. It was a long day. The only real claim to New Thing fame that I have is that I read the book Naked by David Sedaris in the airport and on the plane.

I haven't finished it yet (only a couple hundred pages in), but it is SERIOUSLY laugh-out-loud, witty and funny. Like, AWESOME. It's just a collection of stories about his life only mixed with a little creative license and a whole lot of witty self-reflection.

Have you read it?? What was your favorite story from the book??


  1. So I've been trying to comment on this forever but Blogspot decided to be silly and give me error messages.

    Anyways, David Sedaris is my favorite author! In fact, Neil and I just saw him read a few weeks ago in Savannah. If you've never heard him speak before, go listen to some of his segments on This American Life. He's even more hilarious.

    As for favorites from Naked, I loved Ashes and Dinah, the Christmas Whore. My all time favorite by him is Repeat After Me, which is from his collection entitled Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.

    So glad you've been enjoying him!

  2. JEALOUS on the "I get to hang out with awesome authors" comment, but how cool is that? Ashes made me so sad! Dinah, the Christmas Whore was definitely my was the one where he makes pottery with the fundamentalist Christian, although the name is escaping me.

    As for "This American life," I'm going to find them...and eat them up...and hope that my life turns out to be book-worthy someday too :)