Day 197: Haters and "Canoe"ing

Day 196 brought with it TWO New Things!

The first New Thing to happen was that I got my very first hater for Atlanta Yoga Scene! See, I'm not all-too bummed about this, because I think if you're ever going to make a splash, there should be people who love you and hate you. I did write a slightly controversial blog post on the AYS website (7 Predictions for Yoga's Future in Atlanta). I got a little thrown under the bus for saying that something was coming, not very well acknowledging that it was already here. And said hater went off on other tirades about me being partial and un-knowledgeable and other below-the-belt insults.

For that, I got called out, but I'm not too fazed. As I said, I think I need haters. They're good for checks and balances. 

Okay, okay, so it bothered me for a little bit, until I realized that I didn't owe that person anything, and that this little post is a very minor thing for me to be upset about.

THEEENNNN...Mark and I went to Canoe. Canoe is an Atlanta food tradition--a long-standing restaurant that consistently serves great new American cuisine. It was probably the best restaurant I've ever been to, although I'm hesitant to say that, seeing as how I've dined at some preeetty awesome places. 

I can't tell you exactly why we went to Canoe yet, but I will say that there's a good reason, and that Mark and I are really excited about it. I love a good teaser :) Maybe towards the end of this project I can tell you what it is.

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