Day 196: I Should Have Been Born Greek

My company just recently hired a guy to manage our strategy practice, and, among other things, he's Greek. Now, I don't want to ever call someone out for their nationality, or want to make blanket generalizations about a nationality, but I LOVE the Greeks.

Give me feta or give me death.

Fill me up on moussaka, baklava, lemon potatoes, oily olives, lamb in every form, dolmathes, and spanikopita.

I feel like my life would be most ideal cruising around the Greek isles on a tiny little boat, soaking up sun, eating to my heart's content and starting a huge family in which I would eventually become an opinionated and sage ya-ya who could do or say anything without repercussions.

So, when the new principal strategist came to work on his first day with the biggest container of homemade Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts, I nearly smiled for the rest of the day.

I've had Greek yogurt before, but I had certainly never had homemade Greek yogurt from the hands of a Greek man, whose family had been making this yogurt the same way for generations. And, although I've had yogurt with honey, I had certainly never had it with walnuts, which, by the way, are such a stupendous addition I don't know why we ever bother putting fruit in it.

This stuff was made with whole milk, boiled like crazy until he added a dollop of yogurt from the last batch to provide the right cultures, and cooled "until the temperature you can put your pinkie in it comfortably" No sugar, just tradition.

And BOY was it good.

One big happy "Opa!" to you!!

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  1. This reminds me of eating at the Greek restaurant in AZ! Oh my gosh, that food was so amazing!