Day 36: My Chocolate, Indian Indulgence

Yesterday I learned about Chocri and I will never, ever be the same. The website's premise is simple enough--use fair trade chocolate and high-quality 'toppings' to create a customized chocolate bar. The toppings include hundreds of ingredients as diverse as basil, bacon and banana chips to satisfy any desire you could dream up. Oh, and you can name them once you're done.

So, as any chocoholic would do, I created and named my own chocolate bar.

Perusing the website yesterday was clearly a bad idea, as I have been thinking about the ideal combination of toppings and chocolate flavors ALL DAY. No joke, I even had dreams about the perfect bar.

Today, armed with chocolate dreams, I really went over the top. The first chocolate bar "Indian Indulgence" is the bar I thought up all day and night. It has goji berries, cocoa nibs and real gold flake, because they are all "new things" and because now that I know I can, I want to eat gold. I named it "Indian Indulgence" because I thought anything less than highfalutin, cheese-tastic language would really be failing the essence of creating and naming a chocolate bar. That chocolate bar alone came to twelve dollars, but when I went to check out, they said I had to order a minimum of two bars.


So for the next one, I allowed myself to experiment with the "wildflower" option. Yes, I am getting a bar with wildflowers on it...and blueberries. Because I'm sure I'll like that. And I went all-out on cheese-tastic names on this one, calling it my the "Exotic Wilderness" bar. You love it, don't play.

Can't wait 'til they arrive!