Day 32: I Lubba Hubba Bubba

Today's 'new thing' was a childhood novelty that when memories are rehashed, it makes you ask, simultaneously "Why on earth did we do that?" and "Why is this so much fun now?"

The tradition is, no less, blowing bubbles with the enamel-killing, lockjaw-inducing, sickeningly sweet cubed bubble gum.

With my confection, today's mission was simply to blow a bubble as big as my face.You say "Why?" I say "Why not??"

I have wanted to do this for a couple of days now and was very excited and prepared to get this done. To best reach my goal, I wanted to get the highest-impact bubble gum on the market--that had the volume and stretching factor conducive to ridiculously large orbs of sugary beauty. I opted for Hubba Bubba, after being reminded of the watermelon concoction reminiscent of childhood, with a green "rind" and pink inside, powdered with more sugar. You remember it now.

After selecting my weapon, I had to recruit some other participants, because why on earth would I have this silly experience alone? It just so happened that I was in Athens this weekend for UGA's homecoming football game. In Athens, I met up with one of my friends from second grade (the prime Hubba Bubba days), Courtney, as well as her friend Valerie. My fun-loving accomplices.

I realized early on, however, that I had thoroughly lost the knack for bubble-blowing that I had taken for granted in my younger days, and began the process like this:

It was looking like I would never get to the face-sized bubble. I was defeated; losing confidence. The bubbles just wouldn't grow! I started asking myself really deep questions like if it's possible to forget how to blow a bubble. Or if bubble-making is a 'use it or lose it' trait. I was honestly thinking that I would have to give this one up.

My friends thought I was surely able to blow a face-sized bubble, since they continually proved themselves  perfectly capable, and Courtney gave me a very helpful tutorial on flattening out the gum, and opening the mouth to allow for lots of air.

After a few (okay, a ton of) crude jokes ensued, and following one laugh so hearty the gum went flying out of my mouth onto dear Courtney's leg, I finally arrived at a beautiful full-face sized bubble! Sweet success!!
Only I didn't capture it on camera.

Below is the closest I got for film, but I have witnesses that it happened. And I proved to myself that I can blow a bubble as big as my face. And for Day 32, that's all that matters.

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