Day 38: "Adventure is out there!!"

I've been feeling slightly behind the relationship milestones in some ways, in that despite the fact that I see Mark's family at least every other week, we don't make a lot of out-of-the-ordinary plans. We'll often get together for lunch, holidays, football games and birthdays, but have never seen a movie together or had dinner "just because." You'll also notice, if you've read the blog from the beginning, that I just recently introduced our parents. Also, despite the fact that we've been living together for months now, Mark's parents have never been over to the apartment. Today, we broke that trend and hosted Mark's mom and dad for dinner and a movie.

Mark made all the fare, because he is the resident chef-in-training and I worked until 6:00 today. He dished up buffalo meat tacos with homemade guac, as well as a Spanish dirty beans and rice side dish.

We had a lovely dinner chatting about general life and work things, and then Mark's dad dropped a bomb. "I've been reading your blogspot."

I sat, cautiously, waiting to be judged on how he perceives my silly writing project.

When I first introduced the idea to Mark he didn't quite get it and wasn't as excited about it as I was, but when I introduced it to my dad,  he enthusiastically rattled off a whole list of funny things I should try. Ever since then, I'm cautious about bringing it up and don't know how to react when other people do. I'm sure I mumbled something about doing 'new things' and whatnot waiting for the gavel to fall.

After a pause more uncomfortable than I expected he said, "I think it's really good!"

Beautiful, wonderful affirmation! Nothing can describe the relief I feel when people "get it."

I carried on the conversation more pleased than I had been all day. My blog transcends generations...and he thinks it is good enough that I could make some money advertising off of it.

After a couple hours-long dinner conversation, we moved to the living room to watch "Up," the animated flick that Mark has been wanting to share with his mom for a long time, and which just so happens to be my favorite movie EVER. I laugh every time; I cry every time; I always get tickled by the talking dogs, and am moved by the themes of the essence of love and friendship. A personal accomplishment, when watching, I never question the obvious impracticality of the plot, as my cynical-self am prone to doing.

If you haven't seen it, you need to. Like my blog, it transcends gender and age. (When I'm feeling confident, I can be Shameless with a capital S!) And for the record, I think it should have won Best Picture at the Oscars.

To document our double date, I drew inspiration from the film at the beginning, when Carl is watching Muntz speak in the movie theater, where he says "Adventure is out there!" and gives a straight arm-thumbs up to the camera. What's best, because I'm *that* in love with the movie, Mark's brother-in-law gave me a poster of Up that hangs in our office that served as the perfect backdrop for our photo sesh.

I couldn't agree more with Carl and Muntz...adventure is out there, and I'm out to find it one new thing at a time.

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