Day 27: Is Mahjong a place in Mongolia?

After driving 10+ hours yesterday and the thrill/terror from shooting off fireworks, I was definitely ready for a slow "new things" day. All I hope is that the blog doesn't suffer.

Don't be too let down when I tell you that today, I learned how to play Mahjong. I have pretty vivid memories of my dad playing Mah Jong on his computer when I was a little girl, but I never knew what all the little tiles were, what to look for and how to play, so today at work I replaced Solitaire and Facebook with online radio and Mahjong.

I was pretty good at it. It's really just like open-hand Go Fish with Chinese characters. Just match up the numbers, directions, seasons, flowers, bamboo sticks and such to get rid of them...and you can only click tiles on edges. It's really not all that complicated, but looks WAY cooler than our silly Western games.

Surely that's a better, more intellecutal way to pass the time at work anyway, right?

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