Day 40: The Red Windmill

If you spoke French, you would know from the title of my post that it had something to do with the Moulin Rouge, and you would be even more spot-on if you knew that Atlanta Ballet is presently performing the show as a ballet. If you know me, you'd know that Moulin Rouge, the movie, was one of my favorites for song and dance, and to be frank, I relish in the mix of campy and classy. And if you know me, you'd know I was a ballet dancer for numerous years.
Putting it all together, today I saw Moulin Rouge, the Ballet, as performed by the Atlanta Ballet. I recruited my belle amie Lauren from high school to go with me, and we thoroughly, completely, wholly adored the performance. We decided that if we were professional dancers (and we were both dancers growing up), we think it would be a dream show. The choreography was divine, the costumes were fun, the story was easy to follow, and they brought the drama to all the highs and lows. Okay, so it was definitely beating me over-the-head with the French theme, but that's pretty forgivable overall. I stayed connected to the characters and plot for the whole two and a half hours, which I can't say is typical of my attention span. 
The ballet can-can-ed its way into my little heart and made me want to wear neon ruffled skirts and shake my derriere. A two-thumbs-up recommendation from me!

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