Day 21: Gleeking Out

You should probably sit down when I tell you this: today I watched Glee for the first time. This is honest-to-Grilled Cheesus my first venture into the award-winning, cult-pop show...and I loved it. Okay, I loved it with conditions. For the record, this was the episode where Kurt's farther suffers a heart attack and Corey(?) finds an image of Jesus in his grilled cheese (calling it "Grilled Cheesus"), and the Glee club confronts religion.

Clearly, I chose the most emotional episode with the heaviest storyline and theme.

I laughed, I cried, I followed the stories without having ever seen the show before, and I thought they treated the religious theme with a lot of balance and respect. The characters were thoroughly lovable, Kurt and Sue delivered some serious acting cred that brought me to tears, Mercedes singing gave me chills and Corey made me laugh. 

It's plain to see that Glee has a great thing going, but I was super distracted by the lip-synching and slightly distracted by the cheesy-factor. If Mercedes can lip-synch as well as she does, the others need to take some cues. I know, the cheesy-factor is probably planned, but if they toned it down, I'd keep coming back for more. Well, I'll probably watch another one just to check out a happier episode.

I'm going to end up being a Gleek aren't I?

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  1. Yes...yes you are gonna be a Gleek. I'm shocked you haven't watched it already.

    FYI: Corey is the Actor's name..Finn is the character.