Day 43: "Blood Alone Moves the Wheels of History," a Tale of Little Green Men in Historical Battles

Most everywhere I go, I'm looking for inspiration for "New Things" because if I'm going to end up doing 365 of them, I need to seize every opportunity I come up with. On Monday this week, I stopped at a CVS en route to yoga to pick up some hair ties and took the time to wander through the other aisles. What stuck out at me like a shrimp shell in my gumbo was seeing a baggie of little green plastic army men.

What a strange item to have in a pharmacy!!

I knew instantly that I could do something with these guys. Despite them being a classic toy, I'd never played with them as a child which makes them good material for this blog. And they are cheap. More than anything, I love free and cheap new things.

When I brought them home, Mark was more excited about them than I was, and what ensued was a history lesson in battle tactics. This has, hands down, been my favorite "New Thing" to execute so far, and while you might find this silly, I think we're genius.
Civil/Revolutionary War-Stand up and take it like a man

WWI-Trench Warfare

I think trench warfare is the coolest. I don't know why.

Storming the Beach at Normandy

A first-person view of the Battle of Normandy. You're welcome!

And for the Pacific Theater of WWII--Nuclear Warfare

Vietnam--the Overview of Ho Chi Minh trail

In 'Nam, Soldiers on the Mountain. P.S. Check out the sniper in the flower!!!!!

The Viet Cong behind the brush

A first-person view down the Ho Chi Minh trail. It's like you're there, huh?

The Persian Gulf War-- Marine Scout Sniper doing recon in the hot Middle Eastern Sun, taking out a target of opportunity

Calling in the stealth bombers

Bombs in a Sandstorm...(the camera did this all by itself! Fate...)
This has been a comprehensive history of America war tactics, presented by the little green men and Mark, because while I know policy, he knows strategy.

But in all seriousness, we love you troops! Thanks for all of your service!


  1. Mushroom = Genius. It's been a long time since I laughed that hard.

    Mark should take this interactive history lesson on the road. I'd totally sign up to take the class.

  2. If this is what he can do in a couple hours, imagine what he could do with a couple weeks to prepare and better props??

    And yes, the mushroom was my favorite too! I still laugh every time I look at it.

  3. ya, a few major universities and think-tanks have asked me to do a guest lecture, but a good portion of my course is still government classified