Car Dancing Party / Pump, pump, pump it up

This is a first! A blogging two-fer. Now three-fer!

Today was an uncommonly beautiful day outside in Atlanta, so everyone in traffic had their windows down and radios up, myself included. When stopped at a red light on my route, I happened to be car dancing and noticed that the ladies in the car next to me were car dancing too. The driver-side lady pointed at me and smiled, and I pointed back. Party time. As if it were a sign from God that we should be dancing together, it just so happened that 'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love' by Usher was playing through both of our radios, and, (I know you would have too) I car danced with the people in the car next to me.
A couple days ago I noticed that my "check tires" light was on in my car. Now, I'm all about keeping this new (ish) car in good shape, because apparently I wasn't very good at that with my last car--being that it died before 100,000 miles and I had cupped tires from never (read: not even once in seven years of ownership) checking the tire pressure. You could probably say I'm as hyper-vigilant over this new car as I would be if it were my firstborn child.

Realistically, however, I can't afford to just take this thing to the dealership whenever there's a problem. I'm less than a year into my real-world big girl job, and believe myself capable enough to learn how to change oil and address tire pressure problems. So, today's something new was that I put air into my tires all by myself. Quik Trip has free air (as it should be, in my opinion) and eHow is surprisingly useful. Blog fodder? Likely, no. Awesome independent girl, take-care-of-myself accomplishment? Absolutely.
Awkward but useful

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