Day 22: "Eat that Doughnut Sexy!"

Today during my lunch break I went to Krispy Kreme to try one of their "hot sign" doughnuts. For those who don't know what that was (my boyfriend Mark didn't) when the hot sign is on, it signals that a new batch of doughnuts has just come out of frying and glazing, and is perfectly ready to eat. I was determined to not only get a fresh hot doughnut, but also a picture of me eating said doughnut. The latter would be difficult, seeing as how I went to Krispy Kreme all by my onesies, with no one but the cashier to take a picture of me.

I went in and I ordered a fresh hot Krispy Kreme doughnut while the hot sign was on, delighted and hopeful for the close-to-life-changing experience of eating such a sweet, hot, classic confection. The buying was the easy part, but I couldn't let myself enjoy it until I got a picture for the blog--documentation of my adventure.

Once I finally paid, I was fiddling through my purse and managed to spurt out a couple details about my blog and asked if one of them (there were three) if he would take my picture. They liked my idea but laughed with me about the situation, and when I handed over my camera to take a picture, one of them said "eat that doughnut sexy!"




Who says that??? Whatever "sexy" I had in me (which is frightfully little to begin with) was summarily drained from my being, as well as my sense of taste. Consequently, I took the least sexy picture possible and although I scarfed it down with the greatest of ease (thanks nerves!) I didn't even taste my "hot sign" doughnut. And I'm sure as hell not going back to get another.

Another horrible picture of me for the blog. Starting a trend.

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