Pet Sematary

When Mark and I arrived here in Ohio yesterday, we started talking to a couple of people at a mall in Easton who were (The) Ohio State University fans, fans who took a liking to Mark and I and invited us to go tailgate at OSU and see the game. Upon waking on Saturday, however, Mark was slightly hungover from hanging out with Rian's Yemeni nuclear physicist father, Moustafa, and other friends, following the rehearsal dinner. I was slightly hungover from the previous night as you can probably understand from reading the post below.

We didn't get going until noon-ish and largely missed the tailgating scene, as well as most of the game.

It was looking like I would have to embellish my "something new" story for the blog, until Mark and I got off-course headed to the wedding.

As if a blog post were calling from above, we ran into "Pet Heaven," a cemetery for pets. Now THAT is something I have never done before.

We went to the wedding and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly (best wishes and all our love for the new life together!) but afterward, headed back to the pet cemetery...and it was one of the strangest things I've seen in a while. I've seen the movie "Pet Sematary" but didn't know places like this actually exist! It makes me question so many things about pets, and, well heaven.

But not too much.

Now, I understand that pets become part of the family and deserve to be treated as you wish in life and in death, but honestly, a grave site and headstone? I'm not so sure. Personal opinion.

So, we perused the pet cemetery at night, a spooky experience that we treated with beaucoup irreverence. But how could you not? There are tombstones with pictures of puppies on them. And flowers.

Creature glorification? Maybe. I guess only if there were a procession with a hearse and religious service. No...either way, it's still creepy.

It's just that some of these pets have been buried for YEARS and people still come back to put flowers on their graves. I just can't justify the monetary and emotional expense. Opinions?

It should be noted that this puppy was alive less than a year. I don't think that warrants a grave site and tombstone.

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  1. Rude. I know this post is old, but having recently lost my dog, this makes me angry. Who are you to judge others in their grief? The loss of a pet can be every bit as painful as the loss of a human loved-one, and it is only made worse by by people who refuse to acknowledge it. You may not understand the pain of those people you are openly mocking, but you might try to find enough class in yourself to simply let it be.