The Long Goodbye

So, officially, I'm quitting the New Things blog early. I know some of your will be disappointed, while others will relish that this doesn't show up in their Facebook news feed every day. This is a difficult decision, but I made it for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, if it hasn't been pretty obvious, I haven't necessarily been trying to do New Things so much as I have been letting them happen to me and writing about them. That's not the intention I set out with, and not something I feel passionately about continuing for the next 100 some days.

Second is that I'm just swamped with projects right now, and something has to give. When I have the options of working my day job, planning a New Thing, doing a New Thing, blogging about New Things I'm behind on, blogging for Atlanta Yoga Scene, updating my events and schedules pages on AYS, getting affiliates and advertisers so that I can make money off of AYS, pitching my new business idea, working on the website for said project, actually executing anything, hanging out with friends and family, keeping up with my yoga practice---I'm just paralyzed.

I have gotten myself into TOO MUCH STUFF, and something has to give. This isn't the first of those cuts, and certainly not the last either.

But trust me when I say that this blog didn't go down without a fight. In the period since I stopped blogging, I

  • Ran the Warrior Dash
  • Listened to a radio preacher
  • Did a forearm balance in yoga
  • Held the littlest baby I've ever held (Mark's sister just delivered!)
  • Met a documentary filmmaker (film: Marwencol--a MUST SEE!)
  • Held a seance with my puppy when the power went out
  • Ate the best pho in Atlanta (as judged by an outside party, not me!)
  • Visited my apartment complex's swimming pool (we've lived here a year and hadn't been!)
  • Watched the Casey Anthony trial
  • Attended and had my name mentioned at Wanderlust
  • and lots lots more

And, truthfully, this blog has been the catalyst for so much positive, life-altering change that I don't want to downplay it's significance. Learning about web presence, blogging, websites, building an audience, and offering unique content has been the driving force behind me starting both Atlanta Yoga Scene and a side business that might get me out of the 9-5 workforce altogether. My dream! My heart!

I would love to document this journey for you, because in many ways, this is where it gets interesting, but I need the time and space to explore this fully and without the pressure of reporting my daily dramas.

Many thanks to all of you who love and support the blog, and always know that now and forever, I'll be doing New Things.

And one day, sometime in the next few years, when I set my own schedule or I resign myself to one "real" job and one project, I'll start this up again. I can guarantee you that.


  1. Your blog has inspired your friends to start their own blogs and do new things. Goodluck!

  2. And I guess that's the best part of the whole thing! :) Thanks for all of your comments and support!