Day 228: Whistle while you work...

My mother has the most beautiful whistle. She can whistle just about any song with the greatest of ease and make it sound completely tune-ful and harmonious. It's amazing. Somehow, I didn't get much of any trait from my mother, least of which is whistling. I can't whistle at all. My one pathetic note sounds shallow, tinny, and completely un-respectable. It's sad. And I've been trying for YEARS at this.

I remember in first grade, my friend Elizabeth and I had a pact that I would teach her how to blow a bubble if she would teach me how to whistle. I taught her how to blow a bubble and she NEVER taught me how to whistle. I've been in a rut ever since.

So I made it one of my missions to whistle a tune for the blog, and Day 228 (after numerous practice days before it) was supposed to be the day. For my tune, I selected Frere Jaques, because I thought the ease of the song would play in my favor. Fewer notes, less complicated refrain, simple note transitions--should've been a piece of cake...but the day has come and gone, and all I have is a very irritated dog. I debated putting up a video, but it would be a pretty pathetic show, and I would rather you see me drain water through my nose than whistle pathetically.

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